There are a variety of great resources online for those who want to dive deeper into the sport. Below are just some of the many for you to check out!


The United States Fencing Association is the national governing body for the sport of fencing in the United States. This site is home to a variety of information including results, rankings and details about upcoming tournaments. Don't miss Senior Manager of Coaching Education, Sam Callan's blog and podcast for curious coaches!

The Fédération Internationale d'Escrime, commonly known by the acronym FIE, is the international governing body of Olympic fencing. Go here to check out international tournament results, rankings and much more.

Undoubtably, the definitive website for understanding what's going on in the local and regional fencing scene. I highly recommend that you go to check out and register for tournaments, camps and clinics, or create an event yourself! 

Probably one of the best places online to have your burning fencing questions answered. This community hosts convivial conversation daily on everything from the latest fencing news to the best fencing equipment to buy. 

This site is has been a long time gold mine of information for fencers, including news, helpful articles and forums when fencers congregate online to discuss issues that matter to the fencing community.

This Bay-area fencing club is extremely active online, producing helpful articles geared towards fencers, parents and coaches on a weekly basis. Sign up for their newsletter for great content delivered directly to your inbox. 

The blog is run by athlete and epée coach, Damien Lehfeldt. It's a great site to read about on a variety of topics from the the wide world of fencing with an extra dose of Damien's humor and wit! 

Australian fencers John and Francis Chow consistently produce thought provoking articles and videos on their weekly blog dedicated to sabre. Also, if you are hunting for recent matches from FIE events, you'll likely find them at their Sydney Sabre Youtube channel

Run by econometrician Ross Woods and his son Harrison, this data-driven blog is an excellent place to dive deep into the network of fencing clubs in the United States. In addition to insightful pieces on trends in the sport, the site ranks and profiles top clubs every year, an honor to say the least!