Better Fencer's library of the best reads on the topic of training the body for optimal performance including everything from periodization to flexibility.

Each of the books listed on this page offers critical information that we believe can help you get to the next level in your fencing.



Tudor Bompa provides an introduction to a topic that a lot of fencers don’t even know about--periodization of physical training over a season, and how to peak for the tournaments that matter most.

By Tudor Bompa & Michael Carrera

Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook

This book has helped thousands of amateur and professional athletes create and adhere to a diet that suits their specific needs. Clark describes the science behind our dietary needs, with a full understanding of what our bodies demand when in the midst of athletic preparation. She suggests dietary strategies that best suit the needs of the athlete based on their activity. In order to help you start on your healthy eating journey the book even includes a list of recipes tailored made for the athletic lifestyle.

By Nancy Clark

The Athletes Guide to Recovery

As its title professes, The Athlete’s Guide to Recovery provides a relatively concise summary of the tools available to an athlete for the purpose of recovery. It covers topics from sleep to iceing to yoga, describing how all these strategies can be combined to best take advantage of rest. The final section of this book provides specific rest protocols which are designed for tri-athletes but can, with some creativity, be adapted for fencers.

By Sage Roundtree

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