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The importance of taking the Long View

Can you see the bigger picture? By the time the Sydney Games in 2000 arrived, Gerek Meinhardt had already been competing nationally even though he was just 10 years old. Naturally, his coach, Greg Massialas, took him aside and explained the Olympics and the importance they hold in the sport of fencing. Most 10-year olds might shrug and say something like “Oh that’s cool” and then go back to their video games, but not young Gerek. “Can you sign me up?” Gerek asked. “Well…It’s a little more complicated than that” Greg responded.

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Turning Laziness into Focus: Find the One Thing that Matters to Your Fencing Practice

I am a lazy fencer, and you should be too.

That doesn’t mean I never go to practice, or that I don’t work hard when I’m there. But where a lot of people struggle with the challenge of how to train more—between work, school, or family and social commitments—I want to train less. Sure, I want to get better. But I have other things going on in my life, and I don’t want to spend any more time at the club than I have to in order to improve.

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