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Fencing exercises for speed, strength and flexibility

In this article we are going to focus on how we can incorporate targeted strength training into our fencing workout routines to get to the next level. For insight on this important topic we have spoken to Dr. Scott A. Weiss (DPT ATC CSCS DMQ*) who has extensive experience with elite, Olympic-level fencers such as Miles Chamley-Watson, Daryl Homer and Daga Wozniak.

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Injury Prevention - Defeating the Unseen Fencing Opponent

“The number one issue is to prevent injury." These sage words belong to Jeremy Summers, former four-time national team member in sabre and now Director of Sports Medicine for USA Fencing. In addition to his role with the USFA, he has just returned to fencing after more than a 15-year hiatus. He has found that his body isn’t cooperating like it used to, but, luckily, he has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

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