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Why is it that the best decisions we make on the strip are the ones that we can’t explain? Often the precursor to a great touch is just a prickly feeling of what your opponent is going to do next. Some call this feeling their “gut”, but in the language of psychology it’s more often referred to as intuition. Whatever name you use, it plays a major role in how we make decisions in fencing. To get under the skin of this topic, Better Fencer talked to Sada Jacobson.

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The Sound of an Olympic Medal

Thud. That is the sound Tim Morehouse made as his body crashed to the ground. You wouldn’t have heard it though, as chaos erupted in the fencing hall at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Keeth Smart had just scored the winning touch, 45-44, in the USA v. Russia match, securing our place in the Men’s Sabre Team Olympic Final. As he raced around the strip, his arms in the air, James Williams and I stumbled over the barriers to meet him as the crowd exploded into cheers.

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